Areas of EdTech Support Include:


Provision of additional capacity using our team’s transferable skills and knowledge to meet your organisational needs.  Creation of flexible solutions.  Support with planning and the delivery of strategic objectives and intentions.


Learning and Development

Supporting the growth of knowledge and skills through facilitation of quality programmes.  Whole staff/small group/individual training based on accredited frameworks and bespoke approaches tailored to meet objectives and needs.


Workforce Well-Being

Support to promote the positive health and well-being of your workforce.  Audit to review current policy and practice.  Explore staff needs and opinions.  Identify further resources, training or support.  Guidance around strategy and action planning.


Networking, Collaborative Working and Business Development

Support growth of connections within both the education sector and related sectors.  Assistance in forming partnerships and facilitating collaboration and your growth in wider sector leadership. 


Professional Event Organisation and Public Speaking

Team of engaging and knowledgeable consultants with a wide range of specialisms.  We have access to a wide network of external professional speakers who can be commissioned to create events of any size.  We host and shape events based on needs or areas of focus. 


Writing and Content Creation

We, or experts commissioned by us, can provide articles and create social media content based on a wide range of professional subject areas.

Business Meeting